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Military service

Is it possible for military-age students from Russia to defer their military service while studying at UWC? 

Students who have received official confirmation of enrolment to the College/School can request a certificate (from the College/School) confirming their enrollment to the 2-year IB Diploma program. A notarized translation of this certificate (together with other necessary documents – a list of which can be obtained from your local Military Commissariat's office) will need to be submitted to the Military Commissariat office in order for a decision to be made on your deferment of military duty for the period while you are at UWC. Neither UWC Russia nor UWC Schools and Colleges are able to guarantee the deferment of compulsory military service in Russia.

If, after graduating from a UWC college, a young man receives a university scholarship, can he defer enrollment until completion of military service? Or can the military service be deferred? 

Students will have to check with the party offering the scholarship, but, in general, no, scholarships are only valid the year that they are offered. It may be possible to reapply upon completion of the military service, or to defer the military service.