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Erdni Mangutov, a UWCD student, participates in COY17

23 November 2022

Sustainable development is the core of UWC mission and vision, with our community taking keen interest in related issues on college campus and beyond the school walls. 

In early November, Erdni Mangutov (Russia, UWCD’24) participated in COY17, an annual event under the banner of YOUNGO – The Official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This year’s event was hosted in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, on the sidelines of the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27). COY serves as a space for capacity building and policy training, in order to prepare young people for their participation at COP, empower them, and formally bring their voices to the UNFCCC processes to shape the intergovernmental climate change policies.  Feel free to read COP27 Global Youth Statement. 


“For me, COY17 is a place that unites eco-activists from all over the world. Thanks to this conference, the heads of countries at COP27 can hear the voices of the younger generation. After all, we as the younger generation will be affected the most because of the climate change disasters. So, right now our future is being decided, and everything is in our hands! We can prevent the horrors of climate change!” 

- Erdni 

How were you selected for the participation in the conference? 

I am a member of the Youth Climate Movement (YouNGO). They were selecting delegates from countries around the world. I went through the selection process by filling out the application and writing about my climate activism experience and about my motivation. 

What was the most unforgettable moment of the conference? 

I think the moment that I remember the most is the closing ceremony. Listening to the speakers from UN Climate Change inspired me and gave me the motivation to continue being involved. 

What is the number one lesson you learnt at the conference? 

I attended many sessions on climate change and other related topics such as gender equality and new high technologies. Looking at the great examples of climate initiatives and projects, I learned that we make a real difference at any level even though it seems unrealistic. 

What specific environmental area are you interested in? 

I am mostly interested in the green economy. This area affects climate change a lot and working on this area will make a huge difference. 

Will you be pursuing it professionally? 

Yes, I am going to develop in this direction. I want to study environmental studies at the university.