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Achievements big and small

27 November 2018

Every year in November during the International Education Week International Center in the University of Florida celebrates foreign students and awards certificates and grants for their achievements as researchers and eager activists. Most of the time grants are awarded to the MS or PhD students, and only 1-3 grants are given to the Bachelor students. Out of 6 000 foreign students in the University only a slightly over hundred students were present – which is about 2-3%.

A few weeks ago, I was awarded Diana Fisher grant for my achievements in studies and social initiatives on the University of Florida campus. In particular, the development and promotion of the Russian culture via the Russian club, my work with the students in the dorms and volunteering activities in the organization “The campus diplomats”.

During the award ceremony we have been presented the name plates and grants. I plan to invest my grant in travels to see my relatives and friends in Europe 12.

It was indeed a real pleasure to become Diana Fisher award fellow. This award is a prove that I’m on the right track and that my UWC spirit and desire to create and help the community are alive and kicking. 

Daria Bulatnikova