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How to complete an online application

Instructions for completing an online Application form to UWC colleges

Step 1: Registration and access to personal account.  

To complete an online application to a UWC college you will need to follow the link in the section Eligibility Criteria and register.

On the registration page you should provide your personal e-mail, name and surname (in English), and a password that you will use to get an access to your account in the application system. Then please click Create Account button.

Within 10 minutes you will receive a link to your account in the system. Following this link and entering a password will give you access to your account.

Important: Automatically generated messages are sometimes blocked by spam filters. Therefore, if you do not receive a notification with the link within 10 minutes, please check your Spam folder. If you have not received an invitation within 24 hours, please contact us via

Once logged in you need to complete a short eligibility questionnaire and choose if you apply through:

  • UWC National Committee system (successful candidates may apply for a scholarship / grant on the basis of demonstrated need),
  • or UWC Global Selection Programme (successful candidates will be expected to pay the full fee of the UWC school or college).

If you select UWC National Committee the system will determine which selection committee you are eligible for. Once the Applicant Information is complete you need to click Programs to see which committees you are eligible to apply for.

Please note that you can only make an application via one National Committee.

In application chosen in your account there is an interactive Task list, where the completion status of the various sections of the online Application form is shown.

Step 2: Completing tasks 1-4 – Information about Applicant. 

This section is completed by the Applicant in English.

Tasks ‘’Personal information’’ and ‘’Contact Information’’ must be completed by the applicant. These sections help UWC understand how the applicant thinks and why, if they are right for UWC and if UWC is right for them.

In the ‘’Academic Information’’ task, a signed and stamped copy of applicant academic record, including grades from applicant most recent academic year, is added (10th grade students may attach a copy of their grade 9 graduation certificate).

‘’Core Application Information’’ includes answering questions and writing short essays from 50 to 400 words. If there are achievements in the last three years, document/s - confirmation (award, diploma, certificate) is added.

Step 3: Completing task 5 – Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Information and Authorization 

This task is completed by the Applicant’s parents(s) or guardian(s). The section may be completed in Russian or English.

‘’Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Information and Authorization’’ is needed to confirm that they support of applicant decision to apply for a place at UWC and that applicant have understood all conditions for applying to UWC. 

All the technical instructions on how to complete those tasks will be provided on the application platform. 

Step 4: Documents upload – tasks 6-8. 
  • Your photo should be attached by selecting Profile photo in your account. Your face should be a close shot. On the page that opens, click the Choose File button to select the desired photo on your computer, then click Save. The system supports *.jpg, *.gif, *.png images.
  • You must attach a copy of your identity document (national or international passport, birth certificate or ID card) by selecting Upload a copy of your Passport or ID or Birth certificate from the Task list. If you do not have a passport (travel document) at the time of application, we advise you to apply for one, as you will need a travel document if you successfully pass the selection process. On the page that opens, click the Choose File button, select the desired document from your computer, then click Mark as complete.
  • A copy of the Consent to Personal Data Processing form completed and signed by the candidate and one of his/her parents/guardians (the form can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link in the task) must be attached by selecting Upload a copy of the Consent to Personal Data Processing in the Task list. On the page that opens, click the Choose File button, select the document on your computer, and then click Mark as complete.
Step 5: Submitting the Application  

In the task list you can see the current status of each task in your Application (including whether recommendation sections have been completed) and number of tasks completed. When all sections of the Application form have been completed, click the Submit button to submit it to the UWC Selection Committee.

Check your application!

Before sending your completed application, you may use Review button located next to Submit button in order to ensure that you have completed all the forms and are satisfied with your application.