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Выйдите из зоны комфорта, и волшебство настигнет вас...

3 July 2017

Это уникальное место, в котором живет дух UWC, и все действия буквально наполнены нашей общей миссией!

Come out of your comfort zone and you will see magic…

It is a unique environment that comes from the UWC spirit and all activities are literally impregnated by our common mission!

Hey guys! I’m Svetlana and it’s impossible to believe, but I study in Singapore right now. (Majulah Singapura – Holy Singapore)

From the very beginning I was challenged. It was a little bit hard for me to get used to the left-hand traffic and stayed alive))) Actually, the hardest thing was the acclimatization. The fact is that a Singaporean buys a jacket to wear it indoors and MRT (underground). Luckily, caring houseparents helped us to adapt to some climate features giving life advice. The first few days we spent discovering the wonderful city with lovely second year NC student. I never forget the top feeling of cultural diversity walking with guys from all around the world (Burma, Nepal, Armenia, Ghana, Cambodia, and Spain).

A couple words about boarding house (Tampines House). We have got such amazing facilities (from the gym to Xbox!) I was really glad to find myself in very clean and bright room. And also, I’m very happy with my roommate (a very flexible and outgoing person).  We are extremely lucky, living only 2 girls in the room.  Actually, it’s more than enough. All Tampines House is one huge family due to houseparent’s diligence. Celebration of different festivals in honor of greeting multicultural feeling is the best way to bring people together. Recently we’ve celebrated Hari Raya Haji and some Indian festivals. And also UWC was SUCH AN AMAZING day!

As far for study, I can say that quite hard from the very beginning, but mission is possible! One thing that can prevent you from study is abundance of friends who are always ready to spend their time with you. In the school we have standard lessons duration of 80 min. It’s hard to handle arriving from typical Russian school with 40-minutes lessons.   Must say that the education process completely differs from usual to me. However, all lessons are definitely informative and illustrated. Ever teacher is special in his or her own way, but they all are extremely marvelous and understanding.

Another important thing is time management and self-management. Everything is bound up with Google Calendar and electronic schedule system, and I’m still struggling with those things. And also, the Asian food is a cause for concern. It seems to me impossible to find NOT spicy food outside. Must mention that almost all local fruits are delicious including Durian (except the smell). We have an opportunity to cook by ourselves so it’s not such a big problem.

I was extremely happy to find so many Russian speakers in Singapore especially in our school and boarding house. I came here with a feeling to be lonely as I had been said that there were only 2 students speak my language. Luckily, they were wrong! Because only being surrounded only English speakers you start appreciate your own language and its importance. From time to time I sing Russian songs and watch news from home to prevent homesickness and it works. Anyway, there is no time to suffer of that!

Unfortunately, such legends as bears on the street and unbelievable frost even in the summertime are still alive. And I find it also funny to break stereotypes. However, there are really many people (that impressed me a lot) know so much about Russia and are interested in our country. I’m usually with great pleasure ready to share some facts or traditions about Russia!

Thank you UWC Russia for an incredible opportunity to be a part of this crazy and wonderful world!

Have a nice day,
Svetlana, UWC SEA'2017