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Russia is rich in talent – young, gifted children who continually change the world around them through socially significant projects. The most amazing thing is that these children manage to help others, even though they themselves often need support!
Every year they apply from all over the country – in 2017 we received applications from 49 regions of Russia. We are working to increase the number of students every year that get their shot at the future and you can become part of the caring society. (About 90% of UWC students have the opportunity to study thanks to the donations of private philanthropists).
Any contribution you make will help make a child’s dream come true, and will radically change his/her life for the better! With your help, we can make educating these children a reality. Your contribution is more than charity; it is an investment in the future, in the life of one real kid, but also an investment in the country in general. UWC children are creating a society of motivated, thinking, and caring global citizens.
We will be happy to see you again! Thank you sincerely for your donation!

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