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Russia is rich in talent. Every year, we receive hundreds of applications for UWC education from gifted and active teenagers who want to change the world around them by participating in socially significant projects. It is heartening that these young people help others, even though they often need assistance and support. 

The National Committee of UWC in Russia accepts applications from all regions of Russia. The “Scholae Mundi” Charity Foundation in Russia is working to increase the number of talented students who are given a chance to receive their dream education year by year. Almost all of them (about 90%) study at UWC schools and colleges thanks to the donations of benefactors, whose community you can join too. 

Any contribution will help fulfil the dream of a gifted teenager and open the path to a better future for them. The education they have been striving toward for years could become a reality with your help. Your participation is more than just charity. It is an investment in the development of a specific individual and their talents, and ultimately, in our shared future. UWC students and graduates are a community of thoughtful, compassionate, and proactive individuals, future responsible leaders changing life in their country and the world for the better. 

Thank you to everyone who shares our belief in the power of education to change the world!