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About UWC Russia

UWC in Russia is part of the international UWC community. The first high school students from Russian schools were selected for UWC education in 1994. The main goals of UWC in Russia are to represent the UWC movement in our country, maintain connections with UWC school and college alumni, conduct the selection of candidates from Russia, and nominate them for UWC educational programs. 

The selection committee of UWC in Russia includes graduates and teachers from UWC schools and colleges, as well as invited education experts. The tasks of the Russian National Committee go beyond student selection — we participate in conferences and forums that reflect the mission of the movement and organize our own events. 

Since 2013, the activities of UWC in Russia have been supported by the “Scholae Mundi” Charity Foundation in Russia. Thanks to this support and the help of those who share the values of the educational movement, 15 to 20 Russian students have the opportunity to study at UWC schools and colleges every year.